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Faries Funeral Home is now offering human composting. This alternative method of disposition is available now and soon we will be able to offer this service directly to the public here in Delaware. Please call us for details or schedule an advanced prearrangement appointment for human composting.


Congrats to the Smyrna High School Girls Volleyball Team for winning the 2023 State Championship! We are forever proud of you!




Faries Funeral Directors and Crematorium, Inc. is owned and operated by Robert M. and Alison M Timblin. Faries Funeral Home, which was established in 1831, is the oldest funeral home within the state of Delaware.

Faries Funeral Home, located in historic Smyrna, Delaware has been recently renovated and expanded and is the areas largest and most modern funeral establishment including a state of the art beautifully decorated funeral chapel with a seating capacity of over 250 persons. The remodeled funeral home also features two large exquisite stained glass windows, and two large welcoming reception areas.

Other recent updates to the funeral facility include a newly expanded on site large paved parking lot with three entrances, a state of the art sound system, and a large newly constructed detached garage and storage facility with carriage lights and cedar siding to add to Smyrna's downtown historic charm. The funeral home is also pleased to announce its new Faries family owned and operated crematorium which is the only family owned crematorium in the greater Smyrna-Clayton area.


We're proud to be selected as the best funeral home in the area for the past 6 consecutive years, however, after considerable thought, Faries Funeral Home and Crematorium has decided not to participate in the annual Gannett Media (News Journal, Sun Times, Dover Post, etc…) First State Favorites Campaign this year. This is a yearly campaign that Gannett Media uses to solicit ads from businesses in a competition format that puts businesses up against each other by category.


As the Owner and Director of Faries Funeral Home, I’ve personally never liked or agreed with this campaign since its inception in 2016. I believe it creates unnecessary stress, anxiety, hard feelings, and resentment on all the categorized business owners and staff. I have expressed my displeasure every year with this campaign from its onset. Yet I felt pressured each year to advertise and support the campaign. Moving forward, we at Faries don’t want to put ourselves in a position where we feel like we are running a race against other funeral homes. This is not a sport and we don’t like the concept of “encouraging” my business at the expense of other funeral homes. Frankly, I feel that every funeral home in the surrounding community does a good job and are owned and operated by good families and quality people.    


This is not a sore loser type of complaint. Fortunately, we have been blessed to win 1st place each and every year since it started in 2016 and even won 1st place for the entire county last year when Gannett changed the per-town competition to a per-county competition. With that said, I truly thank each and every one of you for your tremendous love and support. However, I worry for the other businesses listed in this categorized competition as “Runner-Ups” as if they are not good enough. It’s just not right.


An interesting note is that in order to be the best Funeral Home, it means that people have to pass from this life to the next.  It is already a burden enough on our grieving families that lose loved ones and we don’t feel its right to have some award saying that we are the best.  We care for our families in their time of need and we don’t need an award to show that we care. We do our best day in and day out for you.


I’ve talked to many other business owners in the community who share the same sentiment as I do and I just don’t want to promote my business at the expense of others for a very unnecessary campaign that puts businesses up against each other to sell ads. We know where we stand in our community and will continue to offer the best service and support we can.


Though we were nominated again for 2022, I have asked Gannett Media to remove our name from the competition. Again, thank you all for your support.




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