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It is natural that you may not wish to be hurried into discussing and choosing a cemetery memorial or marker following the funeral ceremony. As ethical retailers of memorials we recommend that you make this decision without haste and with proper care and counsel.

We do suggest that you do not reject or put off too long the consideration of a memorial. It may seem an unwelcome task right now, but it can bring you and your family a great deal of satisfaction and pride. It will prove the finest way to express your devotion and remembrance. It is one way to give meaning to an honored place in the cemetery and to keep it honored throughout the future.

We recommend Lloyd Memorials as a trusted and respected monument dealer in our greater area. They offer a wide range of monuments and memorials for you to choose from and would be happy to discuss the selection of a lasting memorial with you, should you wish to do so. Or if you would like, we would be happy to discuss the selection of a monument with you. Either way, you'll be well taken care of. Lloyd Memorials can be reached at (302) 734-5300.


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